Job Market Candidates

NO. Students' Name Thesis Title
1 Dawa A Demand Analysis of Meat in Bhutanese Households
2 Nuthasid Rukkiatwong A Test of the Capital Asset Pricing Model in Thailand: Evidence from a Large Panel
3 Kuenzang Tobgay Alcohol Demand in Bhutan
4 Karma Tshering Tamang An Economic Approach to Retention of Teachers in Bhutan
5 Nawaruek Meesiri An Ordered Probit Model Analysis, Recognizing and Implementing the Costs of Corporate Governance ove Thai Listed Companies
6 Peeranut Chirawongkamchorn Changes in the Family Unit and Fertility choice: Evidence from Census in Thailand from 1970 - 2000
7 Kuson Leawsakul Competition from Advertising and Product Proliferation in a Consumer Search Model
8 Kelzang Tshomo Evaluating Determinants of Firm Performance in Bhutan
9 Mutichai Aroonrueangaram Inflation and Asset Returns in aNew Keynesian Model for Thailand, Includilng the Housing Sector
10 Atiwat kitvanitphasu Nonparametric VS. Parametric Conditional Value-at-Risk Estimations: The Example of the Stock Exchange of Thailand
11 Chanon Techasuntornwat Reinvestigating Migration and Remittance Functions for Household Insurance, based on Thailand's 2006 Socioeconomic Survey Data
12 Nisakorn Lertpatcharanont Risk Preference and Contribution in the Public Good Game: a Laboratory of Moral Hazard in Teams
13 Kotchapan Wongwat The Effect of Capital Controls on Monetary Policy in Thailand
14 Phoo Pwint Phyu The Effect of Microfinance on the Economic Empowerment of Women Institutions in Myanmar
15 Koson Saejong The Effect of the Plan for Fifteen Years of Free Education on Child Labod in Thailand